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Phoenix Club of Nashville is a fully volunteer led organization. Active members who choose to serve on our board contribute significant time to operating the club, pursuing grants for our nonprofit partners, planning leadership development events and more. The board holds annual elections and welcomes all members to pursue a role in an area they are excited about contributing towards.


board members in 2024


annual board meetings


hours spent annually  by the board operating PCON

2024 Board Members

The board for 2024 consists of 21 dedicated volunteers. Explore their roles below, and click a name to view that member's LinkedIn profile.

Andrew Mitchell


Chase Markham

VP Programs

Greg Skloot


Lee McLellan

Leadership Dinner Chair

Noah Wessel

VP New Membership

Warren Hawkins


Andrew Schaffer

Alumni Relations Chair

Connor Pera

VP Venture Philanthropy

Jake Morris

VP Philanthropy Elect

Mason McSpadden

VP Marketing

Patrick O'Brien

VP Development

Ben Chandler


Cory Cain


Jake Pence

VP Development Elect

Max Adler

VP Leadership Elect

Rohit Padmanabhan


Carson West

Taste of Nashville Chair

David Bess


Larry Kloess

VP Leadership

Michael Majors

DEI Chair

Sam High

Volunteering Chair

How the Board Works

The Phoenix Club is led by an executive team of 3: President, President-Elect and Past President. These leaders are supported by volunteer board members covering everything from leadership development to venture philanthropy. Below is our board organizational structure.

Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 3.36.57 PM.png
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