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The Phoenix Club has been making grants to nonprofits since 2001. Below are a selection of our most recent grants awarded in 2022.

Dream Streets


The Phoenix Club of Nashville partnered with the Nicol family to invest $12,500 and $7,500, respectively, to fully fund a transit van for Dream Street’s transportation needs. This vehicle will be used to transport students to and from the new North Nashville Dream Streets location, where they will be able to visit 2-3 times per week to receive a healthy meal, complete homework assignments, and participate in two arts offerings of their choosing, including: spoken word and poetry; visual art, drawing, painting; dance and choreography; instrumental music; songwriting and production; and photography and videography.

Nashville Coaching Coalition


The Phoenix Club of Nashville has awarded $8,600 to Nashville Coaching Coalition to fund the remainder needed for NCC’s spring training program. The program is designed to increase empathy and mental health awareness, highlight the differences between transactional vs. transformational coaching, and grow coaches’ support networks—all of which are designed to have greater impact on those coaches’ student athletes’ well being. As a testament to NCC’s commitment to the community and track record of success, Metro Nashville Public Schools has encouraged nearly all its middle school coaches to participate, which played a strong part in driving the Spring program’s enrollment to over 200 coaches.

BeWell in School


Phoenix Club (led by John Boots and David Grueser) approved a grant to BeWell in School (BeWell). BeWell is a nonprofit that teaches mindfulness and movement strategies to students and teachers as a proactive behavior management system. They use these strategies, which are rooted in breath and movement, to transform non-learning behaviors into emotional self-regulation. In doing so, BeWell provides an effective alternative to traditional discipline. The $50k grant will be used to develop a digital content library that provides 24/7 access to BeWell’s proprietary self-regulation methodologies. The content library will debut in 2023, providing access to 4,500 students! Phoenix Club's $50,000 investment (its largest nonprofit partnership to-date) is made alongside $42,500 of co-investment from partners, including Frist Foundation, Barge Design Solutions, Mildred's Dream Foundation, and John Boots. The total impact of this project will ultimately exceed $140,000.

St. Luke's Community House


The Phoenix Club of Nashville has partnered with Vari and Paradym Studio to invest $56,500 to provide space planning services and in-kind furniture donations for St. Luke’s Community House (STLCH). STLCH is a neighborhood-focused nonprofit in that provides a wide variety of services in West Nashville. STLCH is best known for its preschool, which aims to be socioeconomically diverse, with approximately half of its student population coming from low-income families who pay discounted or no tuition. Beyond its preschool, STLCH also provides a variety of other services, from food and diaper provision to both young families and seniors, to tax assistance, to community event programming.

Book Em


Phoenix Club has approved a $15,000 grant to Book’em to be used to support the startup costs to begin a “book bus” that will distribute books to kids in areas where books are not readily available. In middle income neighborhoods, the ratio of books per child is 13:1, but in low-income neighborhoods the ratio is 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 children. Since the nonprofit has been a longtime volunteer partner of PCON, the club was thrilled approve its first Venture Philanthropy grant for them.

Small World Yoga


Phoenix Club has partnered with SwitchPoint Ventures to provide a $21,600 grant to Small World Yoga, which is a nonprofit that offers free trauma-informed yoga and meditation programming for historically underserved populations in Middle Tennessee. The grant will be used to establish programing in 20 new Metro Nashville public schools, making this valuable offering available to additional at-risk youth.

Nashville Anti Human Trafficking Coalition


Phoenix Club approved a $15,000 grant to Nashville Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition (NAHT), which is a nonprofit that provides rescue and recovery services to victims of human trafficking. The grant will be used by NAHT to support the salary of an additional Thriver or “Runner,” who will (among other things) increase the number of victims who are rescued from human trafficking. A Thriver is a woman who has been rescued from trafficking, recovered, and is now going back into the areas that once held her captive to offer help to others. Women impacted by the bondage, abuse, and drug addiction of trafficking are all ages, with NAHT rescuing trafficked women ranging in age from 3 – 60. The impact on children and youth is significant – from online targeted grooming of grade schoolgirls by traffickers to children who have lost contact and have strained relationships with their trafficked mothers. NAHT provides recovery and support for many women with children by giving victims the tools, resources, and help they need to break the cycle of human trafficking and change the trajectory of their families for the better.

The Aloe Family


The Phoenix Club has partnered with Anchor Investments to provide a ~$21,000 grant to The Aloe Family. The Aloe Family is a new nonprofit (established in 2022) that provides opportunities for education, well-being, self-sufficiency and healing to resilient communities and individuals facing challenges of poverty and lack of family support. Specifically, The Aloe Family serves refugees of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that are now making Nashville their home. The grant will be used to establish the Child Refugee and Migrant Academic and English Education Program. This program is expected to serve 15-20 children/day by increasing their math, reading, and English skills.

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The Phoenix Club of Nashville seeks nonprofit partners who are making a meaningful difference in the lives of kids in Middle Tennessee. Grants are often sourced by our members, and we'd love to get introduced if you are operating a nonprofit that may benefit from PCON's support.

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