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Member Profile: Brian Adams

PCON Legacy Member Brian Adams

Brian Adams is a PCON alumni and Board Member emeritus. After moving to Nashville from NY, he founded Excelsior Capital – one of the most reputable and successful boutique real estate private equity syndicators in the Southeast.


As a former board member and universally respected contributor at the Phoenix Club, it seems like you and your cohort left the Club in better shape than you found it. How did the club evolve during your time as an active member?

It was a very intentional transition from what I would call a red solo cup and continuation of fraternity life culture to an organization focused on leadership development and venture philanthropy.

What attracted you to PCON and what was the most meaningful knowledge you gained from your time in the club?

As an import from New York who married a Nashville native, it was important for me to have my own network of like minded individuals separate from my wife’s high school cohort. Men, especially successful type A guys, often find it challenging to be vulnerable and honest. PCON creates a safe place for them to open up and let others see what fears are hiding under the bed.

To you, who is the most impressive person in philanthropy right now?

MacKenzie Scott. Giving on that scale with no conditions is simply unprecedented.

On Work

As founder of Excelsior Capital, you’ve built the firm into one of the most reputable boutique real estate private equity syndicators in the Southeast. What would you be doing for a living if you weren’t running Excelsior?

Ski mountain ambassador at Whitefish in Montana.

What’s the best city for commercial real estate right now that no one is talking about (non-multifamily)?

Lakeland, Florida.

What would you say is the most important aspect of building a strong team?

Having the courage and conviction to let a team member go quickly when it becomes apparent they are not the right fit for the role and are not positioned to be successful.

From a professional sense, what would you say is your biggest takeaway since the onset of Covid in 2020?

Financial and professional services firms are becoming media companies. If you want to be successful at scale, you need to embrace that reality.

Where do you see Excelsior in three years?

If I am doing my job and we continue to grow like we have the past few years, the organization should be looking to fire me and hire a proper CEO to run the enterprise.

On Investing

Personal finances: do you manage your own investments, use a Robo Advisor or hire a professional wealth manager?

Our family and household works with a regional multifamily office platform with offices here in Nashville.

Do you own more digital assets like bitcoin or more physical assets like gold and rare collectibles?


About Brian

It’s time to relax: are you more likely to read a book or listen to music?

Book, ideally a sci-fi novel. I also love longform journalism.

What are you looking most forward to in your personal life for the remainder of 2022?

Heading to the beach with my family for a few weeks in July and going offline.

Which one word would you use to describe yourself?



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