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Nashville International Airport CEO Doug Kruelen addresses PCON members during Lunches with Leaders

Did you know that Nashville International Airport (BNA) is the 12th most profitable airport in the nation? Of the Top 25 airports in the US, Nashville ranks #5. 76,000 people are employed between BNA and John Tune Airport – with a total economic impact of $9.9B between both. Finally, the number of nonstop flights – and markets served out of BNA – have already reached historic highs entering Q4 2021.

These were just a few of the thought provoking stats Doug Kruelen, CEO of Nashville International Airport, shared with members of the Phoenix Club of Nashville at the most recent ‘Lunches with Leaders’ forum held on Monday, October 11th. In his capacity as CEO, Doug oversees all sources of Airport Authority revenues:

  1. Airlines

  2. Concessions

  3. Parking & Ground Transportation

Mr. Kruelen delivered an engrossing presentation which led to a spirited Q&A from those in attendance. We appreciate Doug sharing his insight surrounding all of the changes and renovation underway and are excited to experience the advancements as more local businesses and routes are being added to the BNA roster.


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