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Member Profile: Brent Hunter

We’ve read that from the architect’s perspective, space is in constant combat of interpretation. In your opinion, has there been a shift in architecture from aesthetics to sustainable design?

Space is always open to interpretation – like a song or a feeling. I don’t think there’s a shift from aesthetics to sustainability as much as an added layer. The aesthetics of a building are what help make it recognizable, and often make it sing. Sustainable design adds tangible value and develops the aesthetics with purpose. Pragmatics and poetics. Yin and yang.

You founded your own architecture firm – ArchiNerd – in 2019. What was your impetus for going out on your own?

What differentiates ArchiNerd from groups you’ve worked with in the past? With ArchiNerd, I do a mix of local commercial and residential work… it’s not quite as specialized as previous companies I was at. I love working for businesses I already support, or folks around my neighborhood. Providing a service that makes my neighbors’ life more functional and enjoyable is really the goal… and, conceitedly, all this will come through the community and back to me in some way. Not too dissimilar to why I’m in PCON – to set in motion positive waves that will ripple back to me or my children and make a few friends in the process.

You’ve been an active member of PCON since you joined in 2020 and you are now recognized as a leader. What has changed about your approach from your first year to now?

What has been most rewarding about your experience to date? The first year in PCON I was coming off of some major NGO work. I spent a year abroad strategizing big moves for an international NGO. I wanted to bring some of what I learned to PCON. Most of which would take a dedicated, full-time staff to pull off. And that’s not what PCON is about. We are a smaller group of guys trying to develop relationships, leaderships skills, and give back to the at-risk youth of our city. I find myself being rewarded by just supporting the ideas of other members.

What one word would you use to describe yourself?

Creative. I have a bit of a philosophy that there are only consumers and creators. I hope to never stop creating.

What is something you believed when you were 18 that you wish you still believed now?

When I was around 13 years old I wanted to grow taller. One night my dad told me to tell my brain to make my body grow. He said to dream about and it would probably happen… kind of weird, but it stuck with me. I always assumed I could just tell my brain stuff and it would set in motion changes. I believed this when I was 13, 18 and still kind of believe it now (though less to an extent). Things like nervousness, or jealousy – just turn them off. Confidence and focus – turn them on. It seems harder as I get older, but it still seems like the brain is a good place to convince.


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