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Phoenix Club Members Volunteer at Nashville Diaper Connection

“No child wet behind.” As clever as that motto is, it’s also the maxim of the Nashville Diaper Connection – a nonprofit dedicated to providing diapers to babies in need.

Founded in 2013 by President Doug Adair, the Nashville Diaper Connection provided ~19,000 diapers to families and babies living in poverty during their first year.  Fast forward to 2021, and they now provide ~19,000 diapers every two days – reaching an average of 3,392 babies in need every month.  Though these numbers are meaningful, they still have miles to go in their pursuit of eradicating the diaper gap.

On Thursday July 8th, members of the Phoenix Club of Nashville volunteered to rewrap diapers for distribution.  The club efforts yielded 5,570 diapers counted, wrapped and labeled for distribution; ready to reach the bottoms of babies in need.


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