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PCON Grants $50,000 to BeWell In School for New Digital Content Library

Updated: Apr 4, 2023


PCON Grants $50,000 to BeWell In School for New Digital Content Library

Nashville, TN, February 14, 2023 – The Phoenix Club of Nashville funded a $50,000 grant in support of a new digital content library being launched by BeWell in School. The new effort, BeWell Digital, will initially be available to school partners and eventually the general public. The Phoenix Club also helped secure support from the Frist Foundation, $25,000, and Barge Design Solutions, $5,000, towards the $175,000 project.

“The Phoenix Club of Nashville provided a second round of funding to BeWell in School to help us launch BeWell Digital, a digital content library available to school partners and the general public,” said Riki Rattner, founder and Executive Director of BeWell. “BeWell Digital will provide over 4,500 current students and an unlimited virtual audience with access to high-quality and engaging social-emotional learning content that is available at any time, on any device. BeWell is grateful for PCON’s continued support over the last three years. This partnership has helped our organization grow and this funding helps set BeWell up for success to meet more students, teachers, and families with the tools they need to be successful in the classroom and beyond.”

BWD will launch with 25 videos showcasing a variety of movement, breathing, meditation, and mindfulness techniques in segments of varying lengths. BWD is being created to solve a problem identified by current BeWell partners who requested that students and users outside BeWell rooms in schools have access to these critical teachings and techniques.

“This is one of Phoenix Club’s most important grants to-date. By making this investment we are helping BeWell help more students, more often”, said PCON and BeWell board member John Boots.

By creating and hosting this platform, 4,500 current students (2022-23) and 2,500 new students (2023-24) will gain 24/7 access to BeWell’s proprietary movement and mindfulness techniques. Digital access is expected to continue decreasing behavioral incidents by 10% above and beyond the effects of implementing the program into schools.

About BeWell in School:

BeWell in School teaches mindfulness and movement as a proactive behavior management system. We provide an alternative approach to traditional discipline by teaching effective strategies for self-regulation. Our mission is to provide students with the tools they need to be successful in the classroom, and beyond, by making wellness strategies available to all.

Riki Rattner|Founder and Executive Director|| 650-248-8757

About the Phoenix Club of Nashville:

The Phoenix Club of Nashville is a 100% volunteer-led 501(c)(3) organization of young men with a dual mission of benefitting under-served youth in Middle Tennessee and developing members into leaders in their community and business.

Tim Sears | Marketing & PR|



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