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Phoenix Club of Nashville Awards $8,600 to Nashville Coaching Coalition for Spring Training Program


Phoenix Club of Nashville Awards $8,600 to Nashville Coaching Coalition for Spring Training Program

(From L to R: PCON Member and Event Sponsor Ben Farrer (The Fallon Company), Nashville SC CEO Ian Ayre, Nashville Predators CEO Sean Henry, Nashville Coaching Coalition Founding Director Scott Hearon, PCON Member and Title Sponsor Stephen Richards, Jr. (Richards Bespoke), Tennessee Titans CEO Burke Nihill and PCON President Brian Nock)

Nashville, TN, May 18, 2022 – The Phoenix Club of Nashville has awarded $8,600 to Nashville Coaching Coalition to fund the remainder needed for NCC’s spring training program. The program is designed to increase empathy and mental health awareness, highlight the differences between transactional vs. transformational coaching, and grow coaches’ support networks—all of which are designed to have greater impact on those coaches’ student athletes’ well being. As a testament to NCC’s commitment to the community and track record of success, Metro Nashville Public Schools has encouraged nearly all its middle school coaches to participate, which played a strong part in driving the Spring program’s enrollment to over 200 coaches.

“After several years of dreaming about how we can better support the incredible coaches and teachers in Metro Nashville Public Schools, we are excited to partner with them to offer a 3-part training for every middle school coach this year,” said Jeff McGinnis, executive director of NCC. “Our thanks to MNPS and the middle school Athletic Director Roosevelt Sanders for working with us to provide this opportunity. We are beyond grateful to Phoenix Club of Nashville for helping us get to work with these amazing leaders and mentors in our community.”

NCC was founded in 2015 with a simple mission: to develop full-hearted coaches who prepare young people for life. Since its inception, NCC has partnered with hundreds of coaches to strengthen Middle Tennessee’s commitment to leveraging sport to prepare kids for life.

PCON and NCC have partnered on several occasions since 2019, including past grant awards and members volunteering in programming. NCC’s unique take on the influence of youth coaches and the transformational power of sport continues to resonate across the club, and NCC has indicated members are welcome to volunteer and even take the training course.

“PCON is delighted to partner with NCC again as our board has long admired the work they’ve done in the community,” said Pat O’Brien, vice president of Venture Philanthropy for the Phoenix Club. “We expect to continue to find creative ways to deepen our relationship with Scott Hearon, Jeff McGinnis, Alison Bloodworth and the rest of the NCC team as they continue to drive an outsized impact on the youth of Middle TN.”

NCC continues to work with PieOrg to administer and collect a post-training survey to gauge the success of its objectives. The nonprofit is also excited at the prospect of future work with MNPS elementary and high schools.

About Nashville Coaching Coalition:

Nashville Coaching Coalition is a 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to refocusing the athletic culture on the well-being of young people by developing and supporting full-hearted coaches through transformational and educational experiences. NCC hosts multiple programs for middle school, high school and college athletic administrations across Middle Tennessee aimed toward developing emotionally healthy coaches and student athletes. For more information on Nashville Coaching Coalition, please visit

Alison Bloodworth | Development and Donor Relations | | 478-737-7571

About the Phoenix Club of Nashville:

The Phoenix Club of Nashville is a 100% volunteer-led 501(c)(3) organization of young men with a dual mission of benefitting under-served youth in Middle Tennessee and developing members into leaders in their community and business.

Ben Khouri | Marketing & PR| | 901-359-4099



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