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Preston Taylor Ministries Receives 50 Laptops through Joint Funding between Phoenix Club of Nashvill


Preston Taylor Ministries Receives 50 Laptops through Joint Funding between Phoenix Club of Nashville & S3 Recycling Solutions 

Rick Dukes, S3 Recycling Solutions director of client services (left), hand delivers laptops to Chan Sheppard, Preston Taylor Ministries special projects coordinator (right).

Nashville, Tenn., January 21, 2022 – Preston Taylor Ministries (PTM) will acquire 50 Chromebook laptop computers for use in afterschool and summer programs through a partnership grant made possible by the Phoenix Club of Nashville (PCON) and S3 Recycling Solutions (S3RS).

“PTM is so grateful to the Phoenix Club of Nashville and S3 Recycling Solutions for the generous gift of 50 Chromebooks. Having Chromebooks available for students in the afterschool program allows for more creative use of space, enhanced learning options for students in STEM and Reading rotations, and for a more interesting learning experience,” Chan Sheppard, special projects coordinator of Preston Taylor Ministries said. “Our students get really excited when they have reliable technology that works for them, and our teachers and leaders love being able to provide the individualized attention that engages students more deeply.”

This grant embodies the long-term success of Phoenix Club’s maturing Venture Philanthropy model, paired with the group’s strong network of individual and corporate partners. PTM was an early recipient of a Venture Philanthropy grant in 2018 and has remained on PCON’s radar since then.

“I grew up in public housing in Nashville, so I understand the importance of business leaders giving back to the community,” Rod McDaniel, chief executive officer of S3 Recycling Solutions said. “I was once a recipient of such generosity, and I am incredibly honored to be in a position to pay it forward to the children in Preston Taylor Ministries’ programs. I hope these donated Chromebooks will bring them joy and inspiration as they engage in their scholastic activities.”

S3 is led by PCON alumnus Rod McDaniel, who has committed to serving as a strong advocate of philanthropic support for greater Nashville’s nonprofit community. When Rod reached out to PCON VP of Development John Boots, PCON activated its membership to match the donation to the detailed need expressed by PTM.

“This is a big win for Phoenix Club in its mission of helping underserved youth and developing its members into leaders,” said PCON VP of Development John Boots. “We were able to match a generous donation from S3RS with a stated need from Preston Taylor Ministries. Our membership stepped up to help us find an existing partner who could make excellent and immediate use of this technology. Our team’s leadership is beautifully demonstrated by this three-party partnership.”

About Preston Taylor Ministries:

PTM’s mission is to empower youth to discover and live their God-inspired dreams, develop a love for learning, and build joy-filled friendships that glorify Christ Jesus. PTM believes that for youth to live out their dreams, they need to be practicing connectedness by being connected to a caring adult, a positive peer group, a purpose, and educational opportunity. PTM offers a variety of programs to build connectedness including educational after-school programming for K-8th grade, one-on-one mentoring for students in K-13th grade (one year post-high school), life-skills and leadership training for 6th-13th grade youth, and job development through job-shadowing, summer employment opportunities, and seminars and workshops. PTM also offers weekend retreats, field trips, campouts, and camp opportunities to further build the crucial positive peer groups and relationships with mentors needed to pursue healthy dreams.

Contact Information: 

Dwight Johnson|Executive Director


About S3 Recycling Solutions:

S3 is a full-service technology recycling firm with emphasis on cost-effective processes for receiving, sorting, re-purposing and remarketing surplus electronics.

Contact Information:

Rod McDaniel / Chief Executive Officer


About the Phoenix Club of Nashville:

The Phoenix Club of Nashville is a 100% volunteer-led 501(c)(3) organization of young men with a dual mission of benefitting under-served youth in Middle Tennessee and developing members into leaders in their community and business.

Contact Information: 

Ben Khouri|Marketing & PR




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